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  • The Chosen People Bible Institute offers a variety of courses for your edification. These courses are divided into modules comprised of ten- to fifteen-minute videos you can watch on any device. Coursework may include minimal homework, but the suggested readings can enhance your learning experience.

Available courses


Survey of the Hebrew Bible

Old Testament, Hebrew Bible, Jewish Bible, this course covers all of its 39 books - the Law (Torah),...


The Life and Legacy of the Apostle Paul

This is Saul of Tarsus - or as I am better known throughout the world, the Apostle Paul. I move ac...


Nazarenes: The First Messianic Jews

Have you ever wondered what the life of the early church was really like? The first Jesus Movement h...

Jewish Studies

The Fall Feasts of Israel

Have you ever wondered about the connections between the Feasts of Israel, our Messianic Hope in Jes...

Messaging Messiah

Jewish Life and Witness

The Message of Messiah for the Messenger Nation