Chosen People Bible Institute's Jewish Bible courses are designed to give you a view of the Bible that is hard to find - the Bible through "Jewish Eyes" as we say. Bible survey courses, and courses on some specific books of the Jewish Bible (all 66 books of it) will be supplemented by courses on Bible characters; the art of reading the Bible in its original Jewish context; and Messiah in the Hebrew Bible.

Have you ever wondered about the connections between the Feasts of Israel, our Messianic Hope in Jesus, and their prophetic fulfillment? Join Dr. Mitch Glaser and Robert Walter for a deep dive into these significant festivals. A commandment to Israel with meaning for all nations.

Skill Level: Beginner

This is Saul of Tarsus - or as I am better known throughout the world, the Apostle Paul. I move across three worlds - Jewish faith, Greek culture, and the Roman empire. Oh yes, I'm a great traveler.

One day, on the road to Damascus, I met someone who changed my life. I'd love to tell you all about it. . We'll retrace my footsteps through the ancient world along Roman roads and across the sea. No shipwrecks this time, I hope.

Come and meet me.

This course is comprised of 40 short lectures, about ten minutes each. Following each lecture, we provide do simple exercises and readings to help you retain and internalize what you have learned.

This course is graded on a complete/incomplete basis only.

Pictured: Detail of 'Apostle Paul', (c. 1900-1910), from Pyotr Basin's (1793-1877) original painting, Saint Isaac's Cathedral, St. Petersburg.

Skill Level: Intermediate